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Can I use indicators or expert advisors when trading the Funded Account?

Yes, you are free to use any indicator you wish. Your trading style is completely up to you. We do not limit or restrict your trading strategy, whether it’s discretionary trading, hedging, algorithmic trading and/or Expert Advisors.

As long as your trading is legitimate and conforms to the real market conditions and we can replicate your trades in our live capital accounts, there is no limitation to your trading style or strategy.

We don’t even impose any limits on instruments or position sizes you trade. The only rule regarding Expert Advisors we have is no high frequency EA's and/or abuse of the market feed. However, we only allow unique strategies for each trader to develop on their own, we do not allow the same EA's or algorithms to be utilized by multiple traders trading for Funded because we need the risk to be diversified. You can trade all the instruments and assets that are available in your trading platform, as long as you apply appropriate risk management and adhere to all Trading Objectives and Rules.